Shenzhen cheap jerseys wholesale Lianhua Mountain football stadium will close cheap jerseysmore than 300 teams without the ball cheap jerseys online can be kicked

Like any weekend as Futian District, located in the mountains all the way to the football field last night Redgate Lotus still full, as early as one week before the court all the time have already been booked completed. Last night, the street in front of the stadium Redgate more crowded than usual, two-way four-lane all the way and even a blessing in the train stopped three dragon - there is a column direct pressure in the double yellow line. In the stadium entrance, a particularly eye-catching black and white banner that read, Farewell, our Lotus Hill football field. All admission will be with the team in front of a banner photo pictures, slogans vary, but it is a unified gesture: thumbs down to express dissatisfaction with the stadium demolished. Banner below, yellow, white chrysanthemums paved the layers, but also a steady stream of players have come to lay flowers. Many pedestrian crossings and nearby residents will stop in front of the court, after reading the banners and leaflets, they will be scolded two from time to time. On August 31, 2014 night, the last night of Redgate Lotus Hill Stadium on Thursday morning, often in the hundreds of Lotus Hill support grassroots football stadium team captain have received such a call: Lotus Hill Stadium next week Since the site is no longer accepting reservations already booked the venue team will refund. Lotus Hill will be demolished news quickly spread in Shenzhen grassroots football on Friday night, a no demolition Lotus Mountain National Stadium was built of large signature high-rise post appears in the micro channel circle of friends, a poll is to set up time is only year, the Lotus Hill Stadium regarded as home grassroots team Haifeng One. At press time ago, the number of participants reached 2.7 million people voted, the proportion of opposition calls for the demolition of up to 94 percent of fans to the stadium flowers, cheap jerseys from china free shipping posed for cheap jerseys from china pictures, donated jerseys and other initiatives, the same spread in the micro letter, dated unit activity is Lotus Hill amateur teams in the league, the temporary organization was founded less than 24 hours, the activities will get a positive response from hundreds of grassroots support team. One of the organizers, is engaged in the electronics industry Liu Sheng (a pseudonym), as Spike, a member of the team, he has been two years in the Lotus Hill golf course to play. All the teams-of-pocket expenses are. Pointing around the stadium posters, banners, Liu Sheng told reporters that there are at least seven or eight teams make banners funded within 24 hours, We now have no ball can be kicked. Hear Lotus Hill stadium will be demolished after the news, this is the first reaction of many amateur golfers. Some of the old stadium is not left. Merlin off, Huangmugang, Song Ping Shan, Science Park, border stadium so demolished. In the eyes of Pharaoh senior players grassroots, the grassroots team as bounce guerrillas, as always came rush. Currently active in the Lotus Hill Redgate stadium grassroots team has over 300 branches, a direct consequence of the court is split: some grassroots teams will pursue this destruction. People without the ball can be kicked, how you say it three balls upswing.

Last night, the owner of Lotus Hill Redgate did not attend court, only three field service responsible for sending the stadium final journey. Because of frequent booking relations, field service and Zhang (not his real name), and many players have been very familiar with. Faced buy cheap jerseys with a sudden laid off, she cheap jerseys china could not do anything, the court did not, and had not done here.

In the stadium outside the office, Spike team is working with cheap jerseys paypal the court to make cheap jerseys free shipping the final photo, suddenly shouted players: We face a serious point, we express is anger.

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